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American River Beavers
Cabrillo Seahawks
Columbia Claim Jumpers
Consumnes River Hawks
Contra Costa Comets
DeAnza Mountain Lions

Diablo Valley Vikings

Feather River Golden Eagles
Folsom Lake Falcons
Foothill Owls
Las Positas Hawks
Lassen Cougars
Mendocino Eagles

Merritt Thunderbirds
Napa Valley Storm
Shasta Knights
Sierra Wolverines
Siskiyous Eagles
Solano Falcons

Saturday September 25th

Sunday September 26th

10 AM
Diablo Valley Vikings VS Napa Valley Storm
11 AM
Sierra Wolverines VS Columbia Claim Jumpers
12 PM
Las Positas Hawks VS American River Beavers
1 PM
Contra Costa Comets VS Sierra Wolverines
2 PM
DeAnza Mountain Lions VS Feather River Golden Eagles
3 PM
Consumnes River Hawks VS Cabrillo Seahawks
4 PM
Lassen Cougars VS DeAnza Mountain Lions
5 PM
Solano Falcons VS Consumnes River Hawks
10 AM
Contra Costa Comets VS Shasta Knights
11 AM
Mendocino Eagles VS Columbia Claim Jumpers
12 PM
Siskiyous Eagles VS Contra Costa Comets
1 PM
Mendocino Eagles VS Las Positas Hawks
2 PM
Cabrillo Seahawks VS Foothill Owls
3 PM
Folsom Lake Falcons VS Merritt Thunderbirds
4 PM
American River Beavers VS Cabrillo Seahawks
5 PM
Solano Falcons VS Folsom Lake Falcons

Schedule Updated as of 9/23 10:30 pm

How to Watch Pay Per View

Unfortunately BASTV no longer Youtube Full games after streaming

To watch pay-per-view live streams, you will have to watch it from your phone, tablet or computer. To watch it on your TV, connect a HDMI cable from your computer or tablet to your TV input port as you would an external device such as a DVD player. 


When streaming games for free or NON pay-per-view you may watch them directly from the BoxCast app for smart TV. 

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Be aware some games may start a little late due to the previous game ending late. This will change all start times in the following games. 

Saturday September 25th

Sunday September 26th