Bay Area Sports TV

Bay Area Sports TV was created 2014 to assist the promotion of high school, collegiate, semi-professional, and professional minor league baseball bay area teams.  

BASTV is registered In Solano County California File Number 2014000462

What Goes Into A Live Stream Or Recording Production

Prior to the date of a live stream or recording production all the information is needed about the event including company logos, names and titles of everyone involved from the talent to people helping with the event. This information will get constructed into graphics to display at the beginning, during and end of the video. Creating graphics for team rosters, sponsorship information, production roster can take 4 to 8 hours alone. Streaming is done by mobile internet connection which can take 1 GB per hour and which the service provider we use cost $100/month for 8 GB.  

For most places days before event it’s best to plan where cameras will be set up and given event list and sequence information. Day of event there’s a set up time which could be 2 to 3 hours before start time. In all, before any cameras are recording or streaming, 8 to 12 hours can go into production preparation. 

Post Production after the event is over and if there isn’t anything that’s needed to edit out, video is ready to put on DVD’s and/or upload to Youtube, Vemeo, etc.